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08/06/20 - Week 9 - Learning Projects for Reception and Year 1 - "Around the World"

Hi Ducklings.

Goodness what a rainy day today is (Saturday 6th June 2020) although my garden is looking much greener this afternoon after having a good drink. Can you remember all the things that plants need to grow? It is very relaxing sitting listening to the pitter/patter of the rain on my windows whilst I read a book or draw a picture. Did you know that I like to draw and paint? We have even had a couple of thunder storms here over the past few days. Do you know the nursery rhyme "I hear thunder?" You may like to learn the rhyme or create some rainy day pictures to send to me this weekend. One of my favourite things to do with my little boys on a rainy day is to put our wellies on and run, splash and jump in puddles. We have even been know to sit in a puddle and play with boats. And of course after a wet puddle jumping session you must have a delicious hot chocolate and a biscuit to warm up!


Next week our learning project focuses on "Around the World" and alongside this project I would like you to make me a poster about a place in the world you are interested in. It may be you have visited a particular place/Country on holiday, or you like watching documentaries about animals that live in certain Countries and so on. My favourite animal is a Lion. They live in sub-Saharan Africa, in Countries like Kenya and Tanzania. A group of Lions is called a pride and in Swahili the name for Lions is "simba". Lions are also really lazy and like to sleep for around 16-20 hours a day. You may want to hop onto an imagery plane and travel to a different Country, or you may decide to stay in our Country. Where do we live? What is our country called? The possibilities are endless. I will create a slideshow of all of your posters and add it to the class page for all of your friends to see.


Each week I would like to create a slideshow of the work/activities/fun things you have been doing at home to add to our class page. It would be lovely for our friends to see what we have been up to and maybe even to "magpie" some ideas from. I wonder what I mean by this? What do magpies quite like to do? Thank you to all of the grown ups who have sent me some photos about the learning project "Under the Sea". I will give everyone else a few more days to send me some photo examples before creating the slide show for this.


I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

I hope to see you all very soon,

Mrs Cooper.