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11/05/20 - Week 6

Good morning Ducklings, and what a blustery morning it is. A perfect morning for flying a kite maybe!


I am currently watching the leaves blowing around in my garden and my dog Bramble chasing them (she really is a crazy dog). I have been looking out of my living room window a lot recently watching a pair of beautiful Blue Tits. They have built a nest in a bird box that Jacob built and at the weekend the eggs hatched. I have been filming the birds so I will show you once we return to school. The Mummy and Daddy birds are very busy flying in and out of the box finding caterpillars to feed their babies. I wonder what interesting things you can see from your windows? Maybe you could draw a picture or take a photo to show me.


We have now reached WEEK 6 in our learning packs, and this week its all about FOOD. What is your favourite food? What food do you like to cook/bake? Have you been growing any types of food? Do you know where the food you eat comes from? Can you find out what a food chain is? Can you draw any examples? There are so many things to explore, investigate and find out about food. Some of my favourite foods are chocolate, cheese, pasta and avocado...YUM, YUM, YUM!!! Please remember to send photos of the things you have been doing to Mrs Hamblin and myself. We really do love seeing what you have been getting up to, plus we have been pinching (or magpie-ing) some of your wonderful ideas to do with our own children at home.


This week we also thought we would set you a little challenge (this is an optional challenge). This week your challenge is to CREATE A DUCKLING. It could be a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, made out of junk, made out of pasta and so on. You may have some ducklings in your local area that you could go and look at for inspiration. You may even be able to find out some information/facts about Ducks/Ducklings.  Please send photos of your amazing creations to Mrs Cooper and I will put them into a slide show for you all to view on the website. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Children, our wonderful Ducklings, we miss you so much. Keep smiling and remember we are always thinking about you!

Grown-ups, please continue to email us photos of your children and the activities they are doing. Your emails really do brighten our days. We are also available via email for any queries/concerns/a chat if you need us.

Just a reminder our email addresses are:


Have a wonderful week and continue to stay safe.

Best wishes,

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Hamblin.