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18/05/20 - Week 7

Good morning wonderful Ducklings! 


We hope you are all ok and have had a lovely weekend with your families. Did any of you manage to enjoy some sunshine in the garden or out on a walk? 


Mrs Cooper and I are still missing you hugely but we had lots of reasons to smile last week because of the fabulous Duckling pictures lots of you sent to us. We are so impressed with how creative you were. There were so many different ideas of things you used; pens, paints, coloured paper, playdough, flowers and sticks...and lots more too!

Mrs Cooper is busy putting them all together so that you can see your friends’ creations. I’m sure you will love them all as much as we do. 


We have reached Week 7 of our Home Learning Projects and this weeks theme is all about celebrations

There are lots of special times that we celebrate, and we don’t always all celebrate the same things. What special times do you have with your family and how do you celebrate them? Can you find out about some special times that other families might celebrate? How are they different? And how are they the same? 


Lots of you celebrate your birthday every year, but what does this actually mean? If your parents have some photos from the day you were born or from your first birthday, look at them together and talk about what you can see. Can they tell you anything about the day?


As a little challenge this week (optional as always), please ask your grown up to email Mrs Hamblin a photo of you on your first birthday (or just as a 1 or 2 year old). 

We will make a little “Guess Who?” quiz for you to see if you can work out which picture is which of your friends. 

You will have to look really closely and use your noticing skills!


Parents, as always we are available via email if you would like to share what your child has been up to (learning projects or otherwise), or if you have any questions or  concerns. Our email addresses are: 

Please do get in touch as it’s always lovely to hear from you. 


Best wishes to all our Ducklings and their families. 


Mrs Hamblin & Mrs Cooper