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20/3/20 - A Note to Ducklings Parents

Dear parents / carers 


As we prepare to close for the majority of children, we have put together some resources to help you support your child’s learning at home whilst they are not able to come to school. 


First off, we understand that this is an unprecedented situation which will impact upon each of our families in a different way. We also understand that many of will face the significant challenge of simultaneously trying to work from home and support your child Please do what is right for you and your child. 


We appreciate that the prospect of home learning and extended periods of time at home may be daunting for many. 

If you feel that a bit of structure and some guidance on what to teach during this time will be helpful for you and your child, please have a look at the Home Learning Projects below. 

They are a fabulous resource put together by a group of schools elsewhere in the country and very kindly shared for other schools to use during this time. (Thank you Robin Hood MAT!)

Please note that these are intended to be used during the weeks your child would normally have been in school, not during the Easter Holidays. 


We would love it if our Ducklings took part in some of the home learning projects, but it is also important for us all to remember that they are the youngest members of our school community and sometimes a more relaxed approach to home learning will suit them best. 

Read with your child, play games, bake cakes, read some more, get them to help with cooking and household chores, explore some of the other helpful websites or activities listed below, and finally read again. Remember to take time to keep active and get out and about in nature where you can. 


If your child has been in school today, they will have decorated the cover of a ‘Home Book’ so that they have somewhere to record their learning projects or anything else that they might want. 

If your child has not been in school, any notebook or jotter will do the same job. Perhaps they could decorate the cover or first page with you next week.

We would love to see these when your children are back in school.  


Please be reassured that you are not expected to have become a teacher overnight. There will probably be many questions that arise over the coming weeks, but we will be available to guide you and your child. We will set up a Frequently Asked Questions section on this page so that you can check if the information is already there and then get in touch if necessary. 


Our email addresses are (Mon - Weds) and (Thurs - Fri)

Please understand that during these challenging times we will also have our own children at home to support so replies may not be instant, but we will always respond as soon as we are able to.


Kindest regards to all our Ducklings children and families. We hope to see you again really soon. 

Mrs Hamblin, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Fitzwater and Mrs Mackender