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20/4/20 - Week 3 - Summer Term Begins!

Good morning Ducklings and welcome back to a rather different looking start to the Summer Term.


First of all we hope that you have a wonderful, very chocolatey Easter. We would love to see some of your Easter photos...ask your grown ups to email some to us.


Today is the start of the Summer Term, not quite what we would have expected, but we know that our happy, smiley and wonderful Ducklings will make the most of the situation and will still be having lots of fun. Just a reminder, we are now on Week 3 of our home-learning resources and, once again, we would love to see some of the activities you do this week. Please, please, please get your grown ups to send us some...we miss you so much and it really brightens our day to see the things that you have been getting up to.


We have also found some other wonderful resources that will support you with your learning:


Lastly, we know how much you are missing your friends. Lets make a video (just for our class) of us all saying "Hello" to each other...we then get to see each others smiley faces and hear each others voices. Please email Mrs Hamblin a short video (max 5 seconds) of yourself saying "Hello" and an "I can't wait to..." statement. Mrs Coopers would say "Hello all our amazing Ducklings. I can't wait to see your smiling faces, hear the sound of your laughter and have lots of fun with you. xxx" If these could be sent to Mrs Hamblin by Friday 24th and then we will clip these together to make a "big" video for you to watch.


Once again we miss you all so much and can't wait to see you all soon. Stay safe, have fun and keep smiling.

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Hamblin.




Parents, we know some of you have been feeling a little overwhelmed with home learning and worrying about your child falling behind. 
The words below were written by another teacher in the UK, but they have been shared widely on social media this week and sum up how we feel. We hope they offer you so comfort and reassurance. 

Please don’t put pressure on yourselves and remember that there is no falling behind at the moment; all children are in the same boat and we will get them back on track whenever we return to school.