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Maths mastery

What is 'Maths Mastery'? 

Inspired by teaching approaches developed in Singapore and Shanghai, mastery is an inclusive way of teaching that is grounded in the belief that all pupils can achieve in Maths. A concept is deemed mastered when learners can represent it in multiple ways, can communicate solutions using mathematical language and can independently apply the concept to new problems. For example, at Lavenham, we aim to teach children with concrete, pictorial and written/abstract examples of mathematical strategies. 

Teaching for mastery supports National Curriculum objectives, through a clearly mapped learning trajectory in small steps to support the mathematical journey for all pupils in our school.


How can I support my child?

Below are unit booklets that you can use at home to reinforce learning in school.  These booklets support teaching for mastery and will be in a familiar format for your child.  Please speak to you child's teacher if you require further support.


Calculation policy

This is the journey of maths your child will take throughout their time at our school.


 Mathematical vocabulary

In order to support parents with the above Calculations Policy, we created a maths glossary to support parents at home.


Curriculum Prioritisation

 In order to support our pupils through the impact of the pandemic, we are prioritising key areas of the curriculum and revisiting areas of need from previous years.  This document details our learning trajectory for the year 2021-2022.


 Year 6


Year 5


Year 4


Year 3


Year 2



Year 1