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Homework tasks

Week beginning 19th June

Year 6 English: Find out 5 interesting facts about an author of your choice. Due Wed 28th


Year 4/5 English: Complete the silent letter crossword. Due Wed 28th


Week beginning 12th June

Year 6 English: Read at least 2 chapters of your own book to tell us about next week. 


Year 4/5 English: Complete the worksheet on expanded noun phrases. 


Week beginning 5th June

Year 6 English: Come up with an idea for a 19th Emergency, based on the situations talked about in 'The Eighteenth Emergency' we have been reading in school. Use the sheet in your homework book to note down your ideas. Due Wednesday 14th June. 


Year 4/5 English: Write a clear and well laid out set of instructions for the task on your worksheet, (either using an escalator or a telephone). Try to use adverbials, imperative verbs and bullet points. Due Wednesday 14th June. 


Week beginning 22nd May

Year 5 and 6 English: How many books can they read over half term?!



Topic homework: Research and create a fact file about one British Monarch of your choice. The fact file can be as big as you like, and can include pictures and diagrams as well as facts. Facts can cover anything and everything about them, how they ruled, and what Britain was like during their reign. Due Thursday 8th June.


Week beginning 24th April

Year 6 English: Work through the practice questions on the non-chronological report. Continue with independent revision. Due Wednesday 3rd May.


Year 4/5 English: Complete the Secret Garden worksheet. Try to do the extension as well. Due Wednesday 3rd May. 


Week beginning 17th April

Year 6 English: Work through the inference questions based on the poem 'Saved'. Continue with independent revision. Due Wednesday 26th April. 


Year 4/5 English: Complete the wordsearch finding all the hidden classic fiction novels. Choose one and find out the plot, then write a summary in your homework book. You may already know some of the stories, or you could research the plot on the internet, or could speak to someone who has read the book themselves. 

Due Wednesday 26th April. 


Week beginning 27th March

Year 6 English: Revision, including revision of all year 5 & 6 spellings, and working through at least 6 pages of your SATs work books. Due Wednesday 19th April. 


Year 4/5 English: Complete the 'Formal Language' worksheet in homework books. Write up your poem in neat; either on paper, in your homework books, or on computer. Due Wednesday 19th April.